Let's be better. Together.
Align your life to your principles through an online journal that combines community with the most current science in human behavior, data analytics, and computer security.


For 15 years, we have been using an online system to record our current habits and shape future ones. Recently, I decided to add machine learning, data visualization and experiment with sharing updates with a trusted community. Together we have built a system that gives you insight into your life, and helps you become better.

At the most basic level, the site is a journal with a simple text field. The next level of capability is found through adding daily checklist items intended to help you build the right habits. There are also tracks available for special areas like fatherhood and fitness that bring in customized community and metrics.

Journal + AI + community

Currently, the site is only available to invited guests as we figure out how this system could be useful to a broader community.

If you are interested in an invite, please email tim@theboohers.org.